The Echoes of the Kingdoms
Copyright © 2011– Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

  1. COSMIC UNITY: The Collective Center of all beings and things is COSMIC UNITY or “God.”

  2. COSMIC EDUCATORS: In this world, COSMIC UNITY manifests in COSMIC EDUCATORS or “Prophets.”
    1. CONSOLIDATION: These COSMIC EDUCATORS are interconnected.
    2. INDIVIDUALITY: Each of the COSMIC EDUCATORS is also a unique Being.

  3. COSMIC SERVITUDE: All the lower levels serve COSMIC UNITY and the COSMIC EDUCATORS.
    1. HEREAFTER: Departed souls reside in this realm of realms.
    2. DREAMS: This is the plane of Holy Spirits as intermediaries between earthly humans and departed souls.
    3. Mortality: The following conditions are in “this world.”
    4. EMANCIPATION: Earthly humans are emancipated by following the COSMIC EDUCATORS and serving others.
    5. HUMANITY: Earthly humans have mental faculties (imagination, reflection, memory, etc.).
    6. SENSATION: Each animal contains sensory, growing, and cohesive characteristics (shared by human beings).
    7. GROWTH: Each vegetable displays growing and cohesive characteristics.
    8. ELEMENTAL COHESION: Each mineral exhibits cohesive characteristics.